May 2013

Dilham Canal, pt 2.

The combination of a sunshine forecast and a Bank Holiday weekend did it for Ian. By 6.30 am, we were on the road armed with just a camera, sunglasses and a bottle of water. At least one of us was fully awake too! My husband has many qualities but he can be just a shade too irritatingly exuberant in the morning. I like to think of myself as an early bird but my reactions and sunny disposition are still really dependent on two strong coffees for a full kickstart. Today, I was limited to just the one .

We headed out to Dilham, a tranquil part of North Norfolk where we’ve been lucky enough to spot otters at play in the past. Mr Otter was elusively camera shy today but it was still joyous to walk along the canal bank in the spring sunshine. Solitude was ours; this is never a well trekked path but today we saw not a single other soul. On the other hand, we did see lambs, deer, finches, swans, geese, and were serenaded by an elusive cuckoo as we ambled along. Happily, the sun’s gentle rays and beautiful hedgerow soon warmed my mood too.

Proving that you don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy a good day out x

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Kiwi fruit and blade.


Fragile Street Theatre at NNF13

I was lucky enough to catch the performers of Tilted Productions warming up for their production of Fragile as part of the NNF13 Festival in Norwich.



Rosary Cemetery, revisited, again.

Another walk through Rosary Cemetery. Yes, i am getting a bit obsessed with this place but it really is a haven for wildlife. And is only a couple of 100 metres from my door.


Haveringland Church



It’s not very often that someone in our house volunteers to be my model, so when it happens it’s an opportunity that shouldn’t be passed up. Tonight Indra wanted a pic for her Reading Festival application. I decided to have a little play with a close crop and a black and white conversion. I like the result, I hope you do too.


Back garden challenge

I was reading of a photo comp on Flickr. The idea behind the competition is that no matter where you are, there is always a photo opportunity available, we just need to be able to see it.

So the challenge is open your back door and take a pic. Now obviously this seems a lot easier for some than others, if your back garden looks out on the Alps, the Serengeti or your neighbours hot tub then maybe the shot will be a little easier to recognise. Unfortunately I live on an estate in Norwich. And luckily for you, and me, the neighbours don’t have a hot tub!

So this is my effort, it’s not going to win any competition, but I quite like it…………………






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Suffolk Coast

The prospect of that rare thing, sunshine forecast on a Bank Holiday weekend, was enough for the Warnes. The roof was off our car by 07.30 and we were on a journey into deepest Suffolk, leaving the dormant teenagers to slumber on.

Not quite hanging onto our hats, it has to be said; this is a pleasant trundle along sleepy lanes adorned with spring hedgerow, free range eggs and honesty tins. It’s like stepping back in time and was just what the doctor ordered.

Orford was our first stop. We headed straight for the working quay and watched the fishermen unload at the quayside. We were tempted by the boats bobbing about in the still waters. Alas, it wasn’t to be. The early birds may delight in catching the worm and the free parking spots, but the downside is they miss the river trips….

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We strolled on regardless to Orford Castle. A magnificent imposing structure located at the top of a grassy knoll, it has pride of place over the village. Built by Henry 11, it is beautifully preserved today by English Heritage.

Suffolk Coast-3

Suffolk Coast-9

Coffee and a vegetable tart eaten at an outside table at Penny’s café is one of life’s simple pleasures. Pashley bikes aplenty, baskets heaving with fresh bread and pastries, this is a quintessentially English village where the locals speak with plummy accents and still wear their Sunday best.

Suffolk Coast-13

We hadn’t planned a day packed with history, but we stumbled across Leiston Abbey. Once more, we were bemoaning our lack of English Heritage membership. But not for long, as actually any visitor is free to wander around the ancient relics. And we did!

Suffolk Coast-14

Suffolk Coast-15

Onto Aldeburgh next for a walk on the stony beach where a small crowd had gathered to watch the lifeboat being hosed down by an industrious team of RNLI volunteers. This seaside town is straight from the pages of a Boden catalogue. Youngsters in striped jerseys clutch colourful buckets and spades whilst their parents look longingly towards the many tea shops and designer outlets. Chips on the high street are not to be missed but watch out for the daring seagulls!

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