Feb 2014

Robin with Worm

If you want to attract Robins in to your garden don’t mess about with peanuts, sunflower seeds, fat balls, etc (all of which I have done) get yourself some dried blood worms. Within a few seconds of me putting some in the feeder this little chap arrived and was happy to sit and pose for as long as I needed him to.

Robin Feeding720

Robin 2

Greylag goose

I went for a walk in the local park to try out my new 300L lens. This rather splendid Greylag was in a flock of about 30. All the others got rather agitated by my presence but this one just sat and watched.



SCRIBBLER - Don’t grow up.


Following a great day out in London (spent the day with Indra and got two new people for my 100 Strangers project) we got back to Liverpool St Stn a bit early. I decided to try taking a few street shots in the Stn, this was my favourite.

Last time I tried this at Chapelfield shopping centre in Norwich the security guards went mad, virtually accusing me of being a radicalised terrorist. Luckily London Transport police were much more relaxed about a man with a camera.

The Citrus Citroen

Interesting and appropriate choice of vehicle for a French pancake seller.